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I just posted a new wallpaper I made and it made me think about something.

The wallpaper came out AMAZING, much better than I had thought it would. But even as I looked at it and even though in my mind it looks very professional and very "legit" I new that I'm simply NOT.
Just because I produced good art does not mean I have a lot of artistic talent.

I've never possessed the ability to just grab a pencil and some paper and just DRAW SOMETHING, I always need some help. To borrow a phrase from a friend, "I lean on references so hard that I break them." I don't have the talent to produce good art on my own steam, so I have to be clever.

For example, in all the pictures of my Homestuck RP Character Rick I took pictures of myself in jeans, a T, and my Reflective Aviators and I literally traced them. I have these amazing visions and ideas of what I want to make, but I have to cheat a little to actually produce them. With Rick it's not "cheating" per say since I took the photos and I did all the tracing and editing and its all still 100% my own original work, its still not as "legit" as I'd like because I don't have the skills. I don't have the talent.

In my most recent submission, False Victory, I "bent the rules" once again. The idea is all 100% mine (with the exception of Minecraft itself of course :P) but I borrowed a lot of things in order to make it. To make Steve all I did was go into the Minecraft.jar file, extract/copy the Player skin file, scale it up by like 1000% or something, and then copy selections of each part and used a perspective tool to drag the corners where I wanted them to be. Even the position of Steve is borrowed. I was having trouble just dragging the points around to get it to look right so I went on youtube and pulled up Revenge by CaptainSparkles… and used a frame from the video as a reference. (i used this part at 3:22… for Steve's position) The creeper background was the same really, I pulled up the creeper.png file and scaled it by A TON and then stuck it in there as the background. Same with the diamond, straight from the Minecraft.jar.

Now, those I used on purpose because I wanted it to look like real minecraft sorta? but still, my point is the same.
The only real editing I did myself was darkening the creepers eyes and mouth, blurring the inside edges of the eyes/mouth, and the shading on the corners of the picture and around the diamond, both done with pre-set gradient settings in Gimp.

I don't really know what the point of this was, I don't have a message or anything. This is just me talking about me.
Heh, I just realized how fitting the picture really is.
"False Victory" as in I cheated so I don't REALLY win?
I didn't even do that on purpose xD

Anyway, TL;DR
I have no talent and I cheat at life, and I don't care.
Haters gonna hate. :P
I've had that idea swimming around in my mind for a while now, and I only just forced myself to draw it last night.
I think it turned out really well! I'm referring to Rick: Bring a light of course, my most recent submission.

I was going to do some detail and shading on him, but when I saw his face the way it is with the hair and the glasses I just couldn't bring myself to change it, it was too amazing! xD

I plan on doing something with Rick, giving him his own story and all that, I'm just not sure EXACTLY how.
I've started a tumblr page for him and that will probably be the main place things will be uploaded, but they'll also be uploaded here and on my actual tumblr
There's another page involved in this, but that's coming later :P
As the title suggests, I've found myself with some free time.


I've decided to learn how to do Vector art ^.^

Wish me luck!!
Ok, so I use Gimp 2 for most of my art, and I love that program, its a GREAT program.

The only problem is... As far as I can tell, there's no way to draw a simple box from two points!! You can't even draw straight lines!!
I have to say, either I'm a total dumb ass, or something is clearly wrong with Gimp. >.<

Can anyone help me out?